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Reflection on Family

The days are shortening, and as the sun dips into the canyon beyond my window I think of my parents and siblings whom I have lost, those who were not at the table for Thanksgiving but who blessed me in so many ways throughout my life.  This year my friends are loosing their parents, and I am able to tell them that the pain of that loss is less in time.

My reflection on the nature or the nurture of family left me ripe for a quote by Penelope Niven whose book Thorton Wilder: A Life (Harper) was recently released.  “In Wilder’s daily life,” Niven writes, “family was an anchor, usually a comfort and help, sometimes a nuisance, and always a responsibility, generously fulfilled.” Like Wilder, family is my anchor weighted by comfort given, help taken, nuisance given and taken, always a responsibility generously fulfilled.  I am blessed to feel this way, and I share Bert Hellinger’s Constellation work so others might find their anchor as well.

For more on Penelope Niven’s book, read the review by Rob Hardy at:

For more on Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation work, see Bert Hellinger’s home page at

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